glee arrives at erina heights…

I cannot explain how excited I am that my good buddies, ben & jemima gleeson have opened their cracking new cafe just down the road in erina heights this week. I could not wait to get in there on wednesday morning when they opened for the first time and have benny pour me (several) double rizzies on their smoking papua new guinean bean. these guys seriously know their coffee. they also seriously love their coffee. and people. you really need to get yourself along there, have a chat to ben, jemima and their talented crew, and experience the incredible coffee experience that they provide. get benny to pull you a shot, pour you some magic latte art or get into a syphon or cold drip… whatever the coffee you need, it’s all there.

and it… is… epic. every, single, time.

if you happen to be a novocastrian… you probably already visit ben’s brother chris in glee’s darby street store (daily I’d suspect). if you don’t… do yourself a favour!

I popped back in later in the afternoon, hung out with benny for a while and caught a few pics of him settling in behind his machine in glee’s new home. so glad you’re back ben & jemima, and from day one… glee erina heights is rockin!

take a look…


2 thoughts on “glee arrives at erina heights…

  1. Great shots mate, so happy for those guys on the new shop, and so close to home!!! Will defo be hitting it daily!!!!!!!

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