ben & belinda… less than a week to go

it’s less than a week now until ben and belinda will be married. this wedding really is a family affair… ben (my brother in law) and belinda will be married in spectacular fashion, perched above one of the most beautiful spots on sydney harbour… my wife bec will be a bridesmaid, our two little kidlets, page-boy and page-girl (the excitement of these two we can barely control at the moment!). it is with a great feeling of honour that I will be able to document their wedding day… so this week, as we’ve done a few times recently, we headed to this incredible place, so special to ben & belinda and we spent some time wandering around, chatting about what this friday will bring. yesterday though, the girls headed of for an afternoon of pre wedding ‘girliness’, whilst ben and spence explored and enjoyed a stunning winters afternoon in what is such a special place to ben, belinda, and now… us as well.

take a look…


3 thoughts on “ben & belinda… less than a week to go

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