bec… 16 weeks

there are so many places just around the corner from home that hold a special place and a special piece of the story of my life so far. the last time that I had some photos taken in this special little pocket of coast, was with bec, over ten years ago… when we had some of our wedding photos taken. recently, we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary and I took a look back at some of those photos. I looked like… and felt like… just a kid (I was I suppose)! this week, bec, addie, spence & I took a little walk down there so that I could take some pics of bec… our third bub on board, at sixteen weeks. as we wandered around, I looked at our little family, what we have created over the past years, what we are creating now, and I imagined… coming back here again, in the next few years, looking back at these pictures, this little part of our story and hearing addie, spence and our next little blessing telling me how ‘back then’ they look like ‘little kids’… it is always so nice when you can take a minute, get a bit still, and have a think about where you are in your story… right now. what it looks like, how it makes you feel. here’s a little look at bec… feeling great, looking beautiful as ever, getting her energy back, excitement building… and our little kidlets. exploring, running, being near the sea… being our little story.

take a look…


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