the pogmore family…

a bit over a moth ago now, I shared with you some of the time I spent with sherridan, scott & willow, as they welcomed their new twin daughters (and twin sisters in willow’s case) into the world. a couple of weeks ago, I spent some more time with these guys, now settling in to their new life at home. I know sherridan & scott are sleep deprived. you could never tell. I know that they are feeling busy and tired. you could never tell. what you could tell… is how much they completely & utterly adore myla indigo & macy jade. I don’t know how they do it… but they truly make it look easy! they do what parents do. they do what family does. they love and support each other and their three beautiful little girls. they’ve got such a story to tell… and three adorable little girls to tell it about. but seriously… how they make it look so easy (and I know it’s not)… I’ll never know!

take a look…


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