bec… 20 weeks

half way! sometime towards the end of the coming twenty weeks, bec will bring our third little blessing into the world and life will change, once again. I must say that I am truly enjoying quietly watching bec, addie & spencer see bec’s tummy grow (that bump is surely coming along now) and watching as the kids slowly begin to realise that there really is a brand new baby brother or sister growing in there that they we will all be able to meet… pretty soon! around here, summer has arrived with winter like temperatures, clouds, rain… and in our house, two sick little kids and a sick pregnant lady. earlier in the week though, we grabbed a bit of time and wandered down the road where we admired the sea and explored some of its shore… collected, ran, jumped, got our feet wet, created drawings on rocks and breathed in the sea air (spence may have spent considerable time in awe of a concrete truck as well)…

take a look…

20 week blog-11


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